Medix Milestones
Ambulance Service Expands/Celebrates 25-year Service

Twenty five years ago next month, O. David Dickson purchased an ambulance company from the estate of his previous employer. Today that company is going strong.
Dickson is originally from Puyallup, Washington, and was raised in the Northwest. According to Medix information, he was the first certified paramedic to practice in Oregon. David met and married his wife, Jill, who worked as a paramedic/RN for Medix in the early years of the company. The company began with 7 employees in 1975 and now has a total of 37 both full and part-time employees. Eleven of those have been with the company for over ten years.

In 1975 the bookkeeper was also the dispatcher, and now there are four full-time dispatchers running a comm-center twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The company started with a fleet of 2 low-topped Chevrolet van ambulances and a Cadillac ambulance. Today they have five ambulances and more to come aboard this summer. They have an aggressive replacement policy on ambulances and rotate in completely new equipment over a five year period. They maintain three locations in Clatsop County: Astoria, Seaside and the headquarters/business offices located in Warrenton.
In 1975 Medix responded to less than 1,000 calls. Now, it annually responds to approximately 3,500 requests for service and provides medical transport, emergent and non-emergent ambulance transport, disabled transport and wheelchair transportation for emergent and non-emergent needs, such as medical appointments, conferences and weddings. LCB

Medix Ambulance Service, Inc.
Owner: O. David Dickson
Address: 2325 SE Dolphin Avenue, Warrenton, P. O. Box 424 Astoria, Oregon 97103
Telephone: 503/861-1990
Fax: 503/861-5555
Dispatch Hours: 24 hrs. 7 Days

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